turkey1It’s Thanksgiving week: every year I post an updated version of

10 Things To Thank LinkedIn For

4.   Thanks for offering all the other different profile sections we can add, found on the “edit profile page,” in the top right corner.  I wish everyone would make use of these sections, to the extent that it makes sense for them.

5.   Thanks for the body of knowledge and FAQs found in the Help Center, access to which is found at the top right of every LinkedIn page as a dropdown box under your tiny picture.  The context-sensitive answers are easy to follow.

6.   Thanks everyone for keeping the discussion on LinkedIn nontoxic, nonpolitical, no word games or number puzzles, much opposed to the banter on my Facebook page. It’s a credit to my professional community that we were able to keep the trash talk and silliness out of the LinkedIn conversation.

Look for parts 7-10 tomorrow.

I wish you a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving.