turkey1It’s Thanksgiving week: every year I post an updated version of

10 Things To Thank LinkedIn For

  1. Thanks, LinkedIn, for the opportunity to place a revised headshot photo on my profile, to show others what I look like now (because I am changing!) how approachable and friendly I look. I hope they are looking at my profile when they call me. I know I am looking at theirs.  Now we can have a much warmer, more productive conversation.
  2. Thanks for letting me tell others WHY I DO WHAT I DO in my profile headline: a self-expression of WHY CHOOSE ME as a potential business partner.  I have stuffed my “self” into 120 characters, including spaces.  I have been very economical but still could have used a few more characters, so LinkedIn, perhaps you could loosen this up someday…but thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks for the Summary section being so flexible as to let me really expand on my headline, so I can continue the thought with my elevator pitch.  And thanks for making this section so searchable on LinkedIn.  Using Slideshare, I also have added rich graphics containing links to videos, podcasts, slide decks, to show my capabilities. (That deserves a separate “thank you” in itself but I won’t count it twice.)

Look for parts 4-6 tomorrow and parts 7-10 Wednesday.

I wish you a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving.