All I ask is that I am treated by others as they would treat their own clients.

Am I old-fashioned? missing

I was feeling a bit stung earlier this week: 2 respected colleagues scheduled with me and then failed to make the pre-agreed meeting with me, with no explanation.

I respect them too much to get angry. Each is a mature and responsible professional.

Ok, errors occur and we are all human. Even my calendar is a humanoid entity, managed by me. And I will admit to screwing up my calendar once only to have hell to pay with the client.

Yet there are 2 happy endings.

One contacted me to say he left his smartphone home when we went to the city for the day. He sincerely apologized, and we met at a time convenient for me, we got the application completed and now the task is nearly complete. Communicate, and own the error. Everyone wins.

And I did receive an email from the other, who had 2 messages from me, nicely, to reschedule. She had a series of late flights and thus missed the call. Get this: she offered for me to charge her for the hourly LinkedIn session we would have had, out of respect for the time I allotted to our scheduled meeting. And she offered up 2 days/times for the next call. 

These types of clients make my work so satisfying. I continue to help them and they respect me for it. Thanks to both my good clients.