One of the risks of speaking to a room full of people about LinkedIn is that they want to connect to you. In my talks attendees get a good sense of my values and energy about business brand and networking using this phenomenon we call LinkedIn.

popSo a day or so later the barrage of connection requests come in from people who nicely remind me where they heard me (as I ask we all give context in a connection request), but seriously, I don’t really know you if you sat in on one of my sessions.

And I really know all my connections, one of the powers of being a go-to-guy.

So to all the nice nonprofiteers on Long Island who sat in on my session, thank you for the compliment of asking me to connect, but I will respond with my standard answer:

My policy is to only connect to people I have gotten to know through business and I will respectfully decline your request to connect.

Unless you want to hire me as a LinkedIn coach or online donation vendor and that’s a whole different relationship….