Honesty is the best policy and some people are more verbal (and descriptive!) about LIvirginthemselves than others.

As in her case.

I met her at a luncheon yesterday and she announced to the assemblage that her LinkedIn knowledge was lacking, as quoted in the words of the graphic.

She is an accomplished, artistic baby boomer. I got these vibes from the context in which I met her, by whom she was introduced to me, and by her elevator pitch as we went around the table.

She’s stuck-she just doesn’t know what to do on LinkedIn to show that.

We can fix that, I said, with an educational session I will soon give to a private group, with her included at the top of the invitation list.

What continues to fascinate to me is that there are so many different degrees of needs for LinkedIn, and so many people, all ages and walks of life, who need to learn to use it better and fortunately, I am able to help deliver everyone I work with so far to the point where they are properly telling “why I do what I do.”

The better you can articulate your purpose and satisfaction in your LinkedIn profile, honestly and directly, the more attractive you become to a reader that you would be a worthy business colleague.

I tell that to you not to annoy you, but to challenge you.

And if you want an invitation to my session (date, time and cost TBD) in NYC, let me know.