bearYes, it’s a bear (I hear the groans-sorry-couldn’t resist!) keeping up with all the changes in your connections’ professional lives: promotions, new jobs, newly completed projects, new articles they post. You should be commenting on them on LinkedIn as the “atta-boy” or “atta-girl” they deserve from you.

They will appreciate that you shared their achievement to many more eyes in your own connection group.

You look like the great colleague for doing so that you truly are.

I do draw the line on happy birthdays and reserve that for Facebook. But for business connections on LinkedIn, I think it’s only appropriate to congratulate others on their accomplishments and thank them for posting something meaningful and useful.

Try it.

Go a bit further, if you please, and add a personalized comment rather than the boilerplate, easy one-click that LinkedIn allows you.

So catch up with your connections for commendations for a job well done.