I awoke to a public service announcement on TV in the middle of the night and all I recall is the tag line:

you don’t have to be famous to be memorable

which is so true in a variety of settings and social media, but let’s concentrate on LinkedIn. radarBlip on their radar screen as I like to say. Be memorable. That’s far more long-lasting than fame.  Fewer paparazzi, right? A few observations on how to accomplish this are: Make them remember you. Use updates to spread great articles, observations and activities you are involved in to make you stand out as an active participant in your spheres of influence. Be findable. Use SEO keywords in your profile headline, summary and work experience. Use them wisely, and please do not over do the keyword so much to make the human mind go numb. Master multimedia. Our retention is far greater if we hear it (podcasts e.g.) than read it. Even better if we see and hear it (video, e.g.) than just we hear it. Resonate in the minds of your potential clients. And LinkedIn makes adding these media files and links so easy. Too few people take advantage of this, though. Finally, be relevant. Smart ideas and insightful impressions lead others to pay attention to you on an ongoing basis. You don’t get a break here; be consistently relevant. Have a great safe holiday weekend.