This is part 6 of 15, expanding on my earlier plog.

Construct your profile’s Summary section as just that: a quickly digestible snapshot of you, expressed in the manner and style in which you speak.


This is your short introductory elevator speech, spanning the reading time it takes to travel only a few floors with you on the elevator.

Hit us with major themes and self-defining take-aways that we attention-deprived readers will immediately see as your value proposition.

That means no jargon, acronyms or buzz words. That also means leave the stats and mind-numbing accomplishments for another time. Hit us nicely.

Add pertinent short videos, podcasts, links, PDFs, or slide decks as additional material to reinforce what you said earlier.  A picture is worth many words, a video is worth even more grasp of your material in the viewer’s memory.

Here’s how to add multimedia to your summary (education and experience sections too).

Tomorrow, a guest blog piece from colleague Claire Stoddard on your brand. It’s a good one!