Read from the bottom up to get the chronology of this unfortunate “conversation” on LinkedIn.


Do you ever call someone up on the phone that doesn’t know you and start by saying “I want to have a meaningful conversation with you” but fail to advise them immediately what your connection to them is, how you can help them, why should they spend the time?

Of course not.

If you did, you would be reported to the Do Not Call List…

Ok, I admit I have a strong built-in disdain for blind LinkedIn connection requests.  

When I am sent a connection request using the default, boring, lazy “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” from someone I do not know and offers no idea how we met or why we should connect, this just plain irritates me.

No information. No reference point.

I may even reply “Have we met?” to be sure I am not missing something.

So when I received the following request to connect from a person I do not know or recognize, this is what happened.  Foolish move on his part…Does he honestly expect me to connect after his wisecrack reply?