Top 15 resolutions for 2013 to make LinkedIn work even better to tell WHY YOU!

  • Resolve now to improve your LinkedIn profile to tell WHY YOU-who you really are, not what you do for your employer. You’re a brand-show us.
  • Resolve now to make personalized LinkedIn connection requests, remind addressee where you met and tell how you can help them…like real life.
  • Resolve now to add video and Slideshare presentations to your new LinkedIn personal profile. Easy & very memorable. Think of it like a TV ad for your brand.
  • Resolve now to beef up your LinkedIn company profile page–make it show off your products/services. Use key word strategies–get found in searches.
  • Resolve now to update your photo or make it larger on the new LinkedIn graphical interface on your personal profile page. Look approachable!
  • Resolve now to connect your blog, about.me, website, twitter to your LinkedIn personal & company profile-be found among different audiences.
  • Resolve to add new publications you author or are quoted in to let your LinkedIn connections know you are sought for your opinion and views.
  • Resolve to add a brief description before each publication on your LinkedIn profile to let reader know this is what they are about to read.
  • Resolve to update your LinkedIn connections with new articles or observations that will benefit them and others as frequently as warranted.
  • Resolve to “like” “comment” or “share” others’ news-grow a personal learning network we have with each other–a virtual community on LinkedIn.
  • Resolve to personalize and read LinkedIn Today daily to stay on top of news stories you might have normally missed.  Pass stories along to others as a favor.
  • Resolve to cull through your list of LinkedIn connections and de-connect from those you do not have an affinity for, or because you connected to them so long ago you don’t recall who they are or what they do.
  • Resolve to reevaluate the list of LinkedIn groups you belong to, and participate actively in the ones that make most sense.
  • Resolve to create a “closed” LinkedIn group of your clients or others who share a similar interest as yours. Great way to enhance your relationships!
  • Finally, resolve to present try one or more of these to present yourself the best you can, and give back the best you can, while you demonstrate WHY YOU, all possible on LinkedIn.
I wish you a happy successful, peaceful new year.